Refer & Partner Program

Earn Brokerage for every successful Referral.

Refer And Partner Program

Refer & Partner Program

    • Get Rs.100/- within 72 Hrs in your bank account on every successful referral.
    • Additional Margin of 1% on each referral.
    • Dedicated Referral Code for you to share with your friends on Whatsapp and social Media.
    • No hidden charges.

    • Earn Brokerage for every successful Referral.
    • Regular income
    • Periodic Direct Credit in Bank Account. No Documentation Needed
    • Back office and Reports to track every detail of your referred customers
    • Free Registration. No Documentation
    • Personalized Link for sharing with your Friends on Whatsapp and social media

Refer a friend and earn commission and additional rewards (Direct Income)

No. of referral Referral Reward Additional Reward Duration Total Income
2 100+100=Rs.200/- 0.5%+0.5%=1% Rs.40*20 months Rs.16200/-
10 Rs.1000/- 5% Rs.120*20 months Rs.49000/-
20 Rs.2000/- 10% Rs.220*20 months Rs.90000/-
50 Rs.5000/- 25% Rs.520*20 months Rs.213000/-
100 Rs.10000/- 50% Rs.1020*20 months Rs.418000/-
Refer & Partner Program

Monthly Payout (Cash back)

Refer as much as you can to earn monthly cash back.

Monthly Payout
Monthly joining Referral commission Increased ROI Monthly cash back
50 referral in 1 month Rs.5000/- 25% Rs.5000/-
100 referral in 1 month Rs.10000/- 50% Rs.12000/-
200 referral in 1 month Rs.20000/- 100% Rs.25000/-
500 referral in 1 month Rs.50000/- 250% Rs.1 Lakh

3 Month Reward (Cash Back)

If you fail to do referrals in one month then you can also do them within 3 month.

Referrals in 3 months Referral commission Increased ROI Cash Back
50 referrals in 3 months Rs.5000/- 25% Rs.3000/-
100 referrals in 3 months Rs.10000/- 50% Rs.8000/-
200 referrals in 3 months Rs.20000/- 100% Rs.17000/-
300 referrals in 3 months Rs.30000/- 150% Rs.30000/-
500 referrals in 3 months Rs.50000/- 250% Rs.50000/-
Refer & Partner Program

Terms and Conditions for referral

  • You can earn Rs.100/- on every successful referral.
  • 0.5% additional income will also be provided by us on each referral.
  • Management reserves all rights to modify or terminate the arrangement of scheme.
  • Referral Reward will be credited within 72 working hours from the day of referral activation.